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I’ve known Stefan from BOOM coils for as long as I’ve been vaping and hes always been an avid coil builder since i can remember way back in the days I used to work at VapeMob in Kenilworth.

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So as many of the guys in the vaping scene do they have taken their passion for making coils and converted that into an way to make money cause who doesn’t love making money from doing what you love.

I was lucky enough to receive the full range of coils they make and I must say I have really enjoyed them. The range consists of two variants of each type and there is 3 types out but still a lot of new ones in the pipeline which i hope Ill be able to test out soon.

The 3 types they do at the moment is the Alien, S.F.C (Staggered Fused Clapton) and Fused

Variants and Specs of each type

Alien 26 – 3×26/34 

Alien 28 – 3×28/34 

S.F.C 24 – 2×24/34/34

S.F.C 26 – 2×26/34/34

Fused 24 – 2×24/40

Fused 26 – 2×24/40

All wire being used is Kidney Puncher

So I have taken the lowest resistance ones of each type and reviewed them on my Instagram also but here is the rundown on the ones I did review

Alien 26

Resistance on the packaging says 0.103 but that is for the full 5 wraps it came in, I normally take a wrap off any coils I receive as I like to drop it on my mechs. One wrap off at a 3mm id came out to 0.07 which is kinda my happy place on a mech.
I dropped them into my Goon 22mm rda hoping the smaller chamber is gonna pump the flavour on top of what these babies are gonna produce on their own.

I vaped heavily steeped custard on these ones to see how quick I can mess them up, after a full day of vaping one these they still look brand new, normally custards mess my coils up in a day.
Flavour on these Aliens are amazing, vapour production also on point, im not gonna rate throat hit as the placement of the coils can affect that all together.
All in all im in love with these coils, getting a really hot Vape in the Goon 22mm which I like a lot. For the everyday user these with 5 wrap should work perfect on a mech or regulated mod.
I havent really tested these on a regulated mod as I used them with only the mech in mind but working out the hot spots etc I did that on a regulated mod at about 80w, fires up nice and quick on the 4 wraps. On the full 5 wraps id say 80-120w should be the sweet spot in a rda.

S.F.C 24 (Staggered Fused Claptons)

This is for the advanced guys that likes a crazy hot build. I received a Athena rda today from a friend and decided well lets drop these in here, top airflow should be a nice hot vape.

And hot it is, I worked the coils over, this time the full coil as received in its packaging, on 40w to find most of the hot spots, coil resistance was jumping between 0.04ohms and 0.09ohms while working out the hot spots. Upped it to about 80w till everything was firing beautifully and the resistance settled at 0.1ohms exactly. Now the packaging says 0.118ohms for dual coils but the leg length for this Athena rda is very little taking away almost 0.02 ohms.
Wicked it and juiced it all up and tried to fire it at 80w, nothing really happened, more like it was idling. At 100w it started becoming good and at 130w I was smiling from ear to ear, super hot Vape in the Athena, coil holds a truck load of juice so its a super satured Vape.
Was testing out one of my favorite local custards, Mc Mofo Sauce oak matured by Phat Bastard juice and damn, super creamy steaming hot custard coming off these coils. Loving that Mc Mofo at high temps.

Now ive been a Alien fan for ages, it looks good and vapes great but ive never thought a staggered fused Clapton can look this good thought!
This isnt for the everday 50-80w guys, I probably wouldnt recommend these also for a tank really, but for the die hard drippers wanting a super Vape at plus 100w these are really awesome.

Fused 24

So I received my gold plated Reload rta Deck today and decided I need some good fresh coils for my new fresh Deck!!! Grabbed the Fused 24 by Boom coils and decided I will build this for my Vgod pro 150

Now straight off the bat these coils registered at 0.04ohms, so Vgod in mech mode and it still wouldnt fire it, grabbed some sharp tweezers and started working the wraps apart from each other to work the short out without firing it. Eventually the coils started registering at 0.07-0.08ohms and I could start firing in mech mode, after a bunch of strumming and tweezing it settled on 0.1ohms exactly.
Wicked it with some Cotton Bacon and happy time started. Juice it up with some King Street Juice co Hazel Crunch and it truly became an experience. Now Baked by King Street was one of my favorites but damn this Hazel Crunch is amazing on these coils in the Reload Rta 100w. Getting a nice creamy nutty Vape from the Crunch, lot more sweet than ive tried it in other drippers and tanks. Nice hot saturated Vape from these, crazy flavour and crazy clouds as always from Boom coils.
After about half a tank the resistance settled finally at 0.09ohms but I have to say that I cut my legs really short on the Reload rta when installing it.

So I just want to thank Mr Boom coils and Mrs Boom coils for sending me the range to try out.

I have been vaping the others in random tanks and drippers. not gonna do a full review on them as the ones I reviewed Im seeing as the flagships of the range, the others are for the guys that has mods that will only fire higher resistances or have a single 18650 mod or something that has a lower wattage range.

Good work on all of these guys and never stop wrapping!!

Contact them on or visit them at

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