So you wanna start making your own juice? (Part 1)

A question that I get a lot is “How can I make my own juice?”

Some people say its a art, some people say its impossible to mix a very complex liquid at home.


I say, If you can use your imagination and throw some maths in there anything is possible.


So mixing your own juice will happen in one of three methods, mixing with drops, mixing with volume and mixing with weight.


So the easiest between the three is mixing with drops. This method work well when making 10-30ml samples to try out.

figuring out the percentage of each concentrate is where it gets a bit tricky. You can start off by mixing your flavors at 5% and then decide from there if you need more or less to get the type of flavor you  want. When you got the percentage you want you write that down like a recipe and start adding different flavors together to create a full recipe.

Now the question is how do i know how much 5% is in drops. Here is where the maths comes in, grab a calculator.

1% in a 100ml bottle is 1ml, 5% comes out to 5ml, but we making a 30ml so i cant throw 5ml in a 30ml.

So we type in the calculator 5(ml) divided by 100(ml) then multiply it by 30(ml) to get the amount needed for a 30ml bottle

5/100×30=1.5 so we need 1.5ml in a 30ml to get 5% flavor.


How many drops is 1.5ml is your next question, 1ml normally equals 20 drops so you can take that 1.5ml and multiply it by 20 to get the amount of drops needed.

1.5×20=30 so we put 30 drops of concentrate in the 30ml bottle to get 5% flavor.


The drop method ill normally use without nicotine as this method is very inaccurate, drops sizes differ from one concentrate to the other and squeezing the bottle a little harder is gonna give you big drops etc.


But this is a good method to try out flavors for someone getting into the swing of things.

I will recommend to just download a calculator like Vapetool on Android, the IOS version only does coil calculations so If you have a Iphone Im not completely sure which app to download for that platform.



Next post we will cover Mixing with volume and take a look at the Vapetool app also

If you are looking for local suppliers of concentrates there are many shops supplying it online and in store at the moment.

Juicy Joes

Blck Vapour

Valley Vapour

Flavour World SA


Im buying most of my DIY requirements from the Juicy Joes stores. Their prices range from R25 for a 10ml and also supply a range of bottles and diy accessories

Check it out here  Juicy Joes DIY



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