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 I am HeinBuilds
I would say I am well known in the Cape Town vaping scene, not really sure of the other areas in South Africa,  I have been in the vaping industry for just about 3 years working mainly for VapeMob. Recently I made some changes and have been working at Juicy Joes in Tableview helping out there a bit.
People know me for making coils, using mainly mechanical mods, making/designing mods, popping massive jellies, making liquids and drinking truck loads of energy drinks, oh and I love camo……a lot!!!
Vaping is an obsession for me, I don’t need new mods or atties but I”m always hunting for something new. In the 4 years I’ve been vaping I have a collection of about 70 mods and probably have owned over 200 different ones. Mainly mechanical mods.
Favorite Mech mod – Panzer mechanical mod
Favorite Regulated Mod – Ijoy Captain PD270
Favorite Juice – Miss Daisy Oak Matured and Frosteez (can’t choose one)
Favorite Coils – Juggernauts
Favorite Cotton – Kendo Gold Edition
Favorite Batteries – Sony VTC5A
Favorite Colour – Red or Camo if camo was a colour
Favorite Drink – Monster
So thats about as much info needed for a quick HeinBuilds intro I think
Catch me on Instagram @Hein_builds or Facebook at or come visit me at the Juicy Joes store in Tableview.
Ill be doing some random posts going from anything from Juice or hardware reviews, tutorials and overall vaping talks.
If you want anything reviewed contact me on either Facebook or Instagram
So stay tuned for more.

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