Tank Review: Vandy Vape Kylin

Product Specs

Vandy Vape Kylin:

Threaded Top Fill Design

2ml Standard Capacity

6ml Maximum Capacity

Chimney Extension and 6ml Glass Included

Postless Quad Terminal Build Deck

3.5mm by 2mm Each Terminal

Side Mounted Hex Screws

6mm Space Between Terminals

Two 3mm by 3mm Centralized Air Channels

Two 6.5mm by 2mm Outer Airslots

Two Unified Wicking Port Cutouts

10mm by 4mm Each Cutout

Adjustable Juice Flow Control

PEEK Insulator

Gold Plated Build Deck

Dual Adjustable Airflow

Three Positive Locking Positions

14mm by 2mm Each Airslot

PEEK Splitter Divides into Two Sides

24K Gold Plated 510 Contact

304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

810 Drip Tip


24mm Diameter Base

26mm at Widest Point

9.5mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip

13mm Outer Diameter

11mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip

16.5mm Outer Diameter

10mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip

18mm Outer Diameter

510 Drip Tip Adapter

In The Box

One Vandy Vape Kylin RTA

One Chimney Extension

One Spare 2ml Glass Section

One 6ml Glass Section

Drip Tip Set

One Hex Key

Spare Part Pack

User Manual


First Impression Out Of The Box: Vandy Vape Kylin

Typical Vandy vape packaging with three Goon style drip tips. I love the fact that Vandyvape does this. It really sets them apart from all the other companies. Love the look of this Kylin. Looks great in shorty mode right out of the box.

What’s In The box:

The Kylin comes pre assembled in shorty mode. You also get three drip tips, 510 drip tip adapter, spare shorty glass, chimney extension, spare o’rings, spare deck screws, and one 6ml glass.

From Top To Bottom:

Choose any one of the 3 drip tip selections. All are quite comfortable and stay cool while chain vaping. The drip tip choices include a Goon style wide bore 17.5 mm drip tip, a 16mm, a 14mm and a 510 drip tip adapter that allows you to use any of your own 510 drip tips. It’s nice to have a choice in the package that will basically accommodate any style of vaping.

The top cap has some great knurling to it that makes removing when filling the tank an easy task. There is a graduated step around the actual 510 opening that looks like a little platform. I tend to like top caps that are flat on top but this platform is not to high. Still, I wish companies would just make them flat. On the inside of the top cap there is a thick o’ring that seals against the rim of the glass when you tighten the top cap down.

When the top cap is off there is no other piece attached to the glass of the tank. It is wide open. This may bother some people because they feel that there is nothing holding the glass in place. Rest assured the glass tank section is held in place by a pretty thick oring on the base of the tank. The glass does not move or wobble when filling. It’s just not going anywhere, I promise.

Add the chimney extension and large glass to convert the Kylin to a 6ml tank. Even with the large glass there is no wobble when filling. There is a slight flavor difference between the two modes. The difference may be very slight and really not even worth a mentioning. I’ll put it this way, the difference in flavor is not worth the hassle of constantly filling this tank in 2ml mode. It just plows through the juice with dual coils in 2ml mode. I would have prefered a 3ml shorty mode as opposed to 2mls. In shorty mode it just goes through the juice to fast. Yes it is easily solved by converting the tank to 6ml mode but I would have liked to have seen a 3ml shorty mode because I believe with this tank it would have been much more practical

The chamber that covers the coils is made out of stainless steel and has some Kylin branding on one side and the Vandyvape logo on the other. The Kylin does have juice flow control that is very easily adjustable once on the the mod. The chamber interior has a very conical shape to it that is definite factor where flavor is concerned.

The 510 pin is gold plated just like the deck. Like all Vandyvape products so far it has a peek insulator around it for safety. The base of the deck is serialized and features the tank craetors name.

Building And Wicking:

As mentioned before this is a dual or single coil deck. I have run both and I do like it better in dual coil mode. I just tend to get more intense flavor. Kind of surprised there because I tend to really like single coil vapes but that is not the case with the Kylin. If you are going to run a single coil build in the Kylin I would suggest at least a 4mm ID coil. Anything less there just does not seem to be enough cotton to properly fill the wicking port.

As with most postless decks patience is a virtue. I would encourage you to take your time clipping your leads until you find just the right height for your coils. The grub screws are hex screws and they are accessed on the inside of the wicking ports.

I have to say that this is the best dual coil flavor tank I have ever vaped on. The flavor is just pure joy. It is intense, cloudy and dense. Now I am not saying this is worlds ahead of anything on the market but it is significantly better enough for me to comment. I test a lot of tanks and for me to gush over this one, well you just know it has to be good. To put it in perspective, I have not been able to put my Kylin down and I have a pretty large choice of RTA’s to choose from. No matter what juice I use it just tastes better in the Kylin.

I have dual SS Aliens in it ohming out at .18 and the flavor is just unbelievable. I am running it in TC on my Sx Mini G Class at 92 Joules. I love the draw, the way it vapes, the flavor, and the clouds. It is just a fantastic tank.

The Verdict:

Just go out and get this tank. You will not be sorry. The machining is top notch. You have a bunch of drip tip choices. You have two different sizes that you can run it in and it can be used with dual or single coils. I mean really what more could you ask for? Vandyvape has done it again and they have covered all the bases. I have everything Vandyvape has ever made and this tank is their best effort yet. That right there should tell you how good this really is because I am of the opinion that vandyvape has yet to put out a bad product as of this writing. So basically what I am saying is just go out and get one because the Kylin is Deucesjack approved with my absolute highest rating. 5 Deuces rating for sure.

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